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Aerial Photography Services for All Industries 
For a Fraction of the Drone Cost Receive Aerial Photos and Videos in One Day


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We Fly the Drone

Professional drone pilot drives to the location and brings the drone, tools to do aerial inspections/surveys to collect the aerial photo/video


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Experts prepare the Data

We prepare the photogrammetry, 3D model, Thermal Inspection report, High quality photos/videos from different altitude for you



Case Studies are Conducted

Pilots in our Latvian Network

Flight hours done by Pilots

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Construction & Survey

During Construction works, carrying out inspections of the site could be dangerous and complicated. Deploying a drone can be a convenient and quick way to visualize project works and document progress timeline…

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Inspecting the building’s roof to understand its current condition and assess any damages and cracks. Using a drone to perform the inspection can save up to 50% time, money…

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Power Lines/Wind Turbines

Drone technologies not only can fly autonomously, but also shows 30x Zoom every cm of the Lines or Tower construction in real time to detect the defects & to store the data. Our solution is 3x cheaper…

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Mining and Quarries

For a surveyor it can be hard, time consuming to monitor and document Mining process/stock. Drone usage is a recognized effective method to capture the exact details of topography and make the accurate 2D map and 3D model of the area/piles.

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Forest & Field

Drone footage of the Forest can be recorded from the safe spots and then in HD quickly and cheaply. Forest and Land survey can be undertaken more regularly and cover larger areas in hours, rather than days when the survey is made by human walking around and…

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River/Lake/Dam Water

Monitoring water pollution in natural and artificial reserves is becoming vital.  Autonomous data acquisition using drones is currently cost effective and easy method. Water pollution map with potential hazards can be created in less than 30 min…


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