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Case studies that are done by our Drone Pilots
Underground Pipeline replacement

Manual work by staff is a traditional way to measure and sketch the area where underground replacement works are planning to be held. But drone deployment is cost effective and quick way to get 2D map of the area and make decisions based on objects around the construction site.

Construction Progress Monitoring

Carrying out inspections of the site could be dangerous and complicated. Deploying a drone is a convenient and quick way to visualize project works and document progress timeline. Additionally, 2D map and 3D models help to make better decisions in planning further stages in the construction process.

3D Model of the Building Before Renovation
Roof Inspection of the Residential House

By deploying the Drone, our team helped to a local residential house owner to get quick and safe access to the Gable roof which is slippery and dangerous to climb. For the half price of calling Roof climbers, owner got the HD photos and a video in minutes.

Commercial Building Roof Inspection

Commercial buildings' roofs are costly to renovate if fixing works are not done on time. To get a quick survey of the Hip roof of Multiple store building, Manager used the Drone and easily documented the current condition of external side of the Roof.

Aerial Inspection of Cell Tower

Surveyors are using the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to receive real-time and accurate aerial data about the conditions of Cell towers, especially in the Forests and hard to access areas. For the half price of deploying human labor, now Surveyors can easily use Drones and document high-quality visual data for further planning and sharing with colleagues. 
Moreover, according to statistics worker injuries are reduced by 40 percent after integrating drone technologies in surveying the High Vertical towers in the industry. 


Cost reduction by using Drones in Inspection/Survey operations

Power Lines

30x Zoom drone camera shows every cm of the Power Lines or Tower construction in real time to detect the defects. Our solution is 3 times cheaper and 5 times faster than traditional human inspection method. All process is controlled from one place, after data collection you can easily plan, edit and share the data with other stakeholders.

Water Inspection for Pollution

By partnering with Flowact and DronePlan companies, we are offering Water inspection services for monitoring the Rivers, Lakes and Dam Waters. This service is a affordable and time efficient way of inspecting the water for the of pollution in it. Following are offered: -Oil Classification and thickness estimation; -Greyscale & RGB image of oil spill; -Emergent and underwater vegetation.


Aerial Survey of the Farmland

This is not a new trend to integrate UAVs into agriculture. Besides quick and cheaper visual data collection, also process is controlled from one place, and there is a possibility of planning, editing and visualizing the data on the web platform. After that you can easily share it with customers and suppliers.

Wind Turbine Survey

As a result of rain, snow, hail, salt and dust, external part of the wind turbine gets damaged and corroded. It is a cost-effective and more efficient method to do drone inspection, rather than traditional manual inspection methods. -Reduced inspection time; -Safe operational environment; -High quality videos and photos of hard to reach areas.

Aerial Footage in Urban Planning

One of the benefits for civil engineers and city architects, time efficient and accurate initial surveying of the certain area and to share the collected data with the community. The traditional way the engineers and urban developers are using is deploying man power which is costly and long process, with limitation in accessing hard to get areas.<br />Moreover making 2D Map and 3D model of the object also help to collect the accurate data and proceed further to make the construction plans.

Drone Survey for the Stage Planning

Before the Stage construction it is important to collect accurate data about the land elevation and the surrounding objects. Drones are being used to collect aerial data about the land to get the precision elevation up to 2 cm, which is in average 3 times faster and 2 times cheaper than traditional way of using man power.

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